Merry Christmas! I promise you, that the length of this post is worth your time, worth grabbing your cup of coffee, and finish it to the end. I hope that the words I write strike a flame inside of you to speak with a stranger, and live your life from now on with love in

I’m Back!

Saying those two words has never sounded better! As some of you know, I have been on a hiatus for the past several months.. Taking a break from all things negative in my personal life, and all things client related in my professional life. So as I sit here writing this, it has been a

My Story

My name is Ali. I am a survivor of attempted suicide and self harm.  I am also a fine art photographer creating my life events, dreams, and inspirations. Before reading this, please know that I have not censored anything, and everything I talk about it is true for not only myself, but others.  It is

Speaking Up.

I meant to start posting on Sunday, for the official start date of National Suicide Prevention Week #nspw however, time got the best of me, and I wasn’t able to. If you are at all aware of NSPW you know that it is day 3! This year, I was only planning on creating portraits, and