Creating an image is all about the story to me, before I just took the photo, and now I pour my heart and soul into it. There isn’t one specific thing that makes me “happy” while creating an image, it’s the whole process, from point a to z. There is so many things that go into my images that to pin point which one makes me the happiest would be cutting myself short. The process of planning out the image, and creating the concept can either be extremely difficult or extremely easy. Either way, it all makes me happy, and to see it from the moment I think about it to the moment it’s right there in front of my face as a finished piece is all a reward. I wouldn’t trade what I am doing for anything, and it’s making me happy, I’m following my dreams and creating art that one day I hope can touch someone as it has with my life.

I found photography through a cell phone, then a point shoot camera with a broken back.  I grasp onto my camera with the strongest passion.. It’s been a little over two years since September 20th, 2010 that I’ve been doing photography, and I feel like I’ve found the place where my heart belongs, I have so much more to discover, and so much more I want to achieve. One day I can’t wait until I can share my life with someone else, who thirsts for the same things I do.


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