For your ears:


For your heart:

As I find my way through this life, I make sure to note to myself choices that I have had to make, and I write down my decision that I’ve made. I’ve got this huge book, filled with moments from my life. If I don’t do something right away, I still write down what I am facing, and go back to fill in the blanks. I don’t have a single blank in the book yet, and whether the decision was made by myself, or just happened a certain way, it is put in my book. I go back every night, and re-read one entry, whatever it is I flip to, and I remind myself of the unlimited possibilities I have when taking consideration of things. As I sit here and write this, I will be adding a few new things that need to be resolved, and not without deep consideration. So, I will have a few blank spaces in my book, and hopefully one day I will flip back after it’s been filled and remember just as I said above… The unlimited possibilities I have over my life.  Choice, it is such a beautiful opportunity that we have.  We’ve always been allowed, for the most part, to make decisions for ourselves, and I’m not talking the kind that your parents made for you when you were in a fight with a friend, but you still had to have that play date… I’m talking the kind we made as young children with what toys to play with, what slide to go down first, and to the bigger decisions as we age, like where we want to live, or what we want to be. Basically that’s the long way of saying, you can live your life how you want, however; time, it can be our parents when we didn’t want to do something but we had to anyways. No matter how badly we may want to do something, time could get in the way, and you have no control. Does this mean we walk around, and let that thought ruin our plans? No, because the moment you allow that to get in your way is the exact moment that you stop living, we are given such a powerful gift of choices. If one plan doesn’t work, another will appear. I can’t help but take a deep breath when I think that, because what a marvelous thing.

I’m facing more things on a day to day basis as I grow each day, and the more and more I write in the pages of my book. The world we know would be completely different, if it were a different way. We all make choices, some small, some huge. Some life altering, some so minor that you may never notice yourself. Either way, it is a gift we are given, and a beautiful one.

To all of those, who take part in my life, thank you, because of you, I gained the knowledge to make decisions that I need to make today that much easier… Life is so beautiful, and once you give it the chance, and remember the beauty of choice you have, that is the secret to being alive, in my opinion, and you will take the world by storm!







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