Welcoming Seasons.



Hi there!

Well, here is to a new season, a new beginning, and most importantly the reason you are reading this my NEW WEBSITE! http://www.alikvidt.com/

As the season here in Minnesota is slowly changing, lets keep our fingers crossed, I figured it was the perfect time to launch my new (first) website that really drew a picture of who I am, for you to really see. I hope that I do not bore you, and that you are still reading, because what I have to say applies to you, my follower, the person reading this I give you my gratitude that you have either followed this journey of mine, or are just beginning to. Even for just checking it out, to see what I am about. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Because without you, I would not be where I am at today, and the inspiration that runs through my veins comes from you.


Anyways, while I am still working to perfect this site, I felt like I couldn’t hold back anymore, this has been such a bumpy road to get here, as I have felt that I wanted my site to be just perfect and than I felt it in my heart that as the season changes, and my opportunities are opening up that it was the perfect time to release. As some of you may know my journey with photography has been such an enjoyable ride, and I consider myself so blessed to be standing where I am today.  I have so far to go, but in the past 3 1/2 years I have had to make decisions that have ultimately made me who I am, and given me perspectives on life that I don’t believe I would have found any other way. I have had so many doors open to wonderful things, and I have had many close.  My biggest belief in life is that when one door closes, you open another and continue moving on. Reflecting on why that door closed, but only for a short period of time, because I believe you can get caught in questioning “what if” over analyzing things. I will admit that I’ve sat and over analyzed  things for months, and reflecting back I realize how much I missed by not just letting that door shut when it was supposed to. So as this new door opens with my career I am so joyed that I have the opportunity to show myself in a whole other light than ever before with my followers.

I welcome the new season of life to you, and hope that whatever door has closed, or open that you find your way, in which I know you will. I hope that you continue to follow me on my journey as my projects start to blossom, and create stories that most people can relate to. I hope that you will introduce yourself to me in some way shape or form in a simple “hello” as I love meeting new people, and interacting with others..

Thank you so much, for stoping by my site, and I wish you all well!!






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