running from myself

running from myself

“running from myself”

As a part of National Suicide Awareness Week, I was asked to speak with schools in the Minneapolis area with a good friend of mine who works to raise awareness and end the silence. It was important to me this week to create portraits that reflected stories that I have heard, and my own. I dug deep into my diaries, and really listened to what other people had to say while they spoke their stories to me and out came this.

As a person who has suffered being in the dark, alone and feeling trapped I remember feeling as if I couldn’t say anything, that my words were never heard, and my screams were kept inside. One story this week really stuck to me, and the boy that I talked to told me that when he feels trapped he really couldn’t move, he felt as though he was running, and running from nothing but himself, and he couldn’t get away from his own thoughts. The feeling he mentioned felt so similar to the way I used to feel, and all I want in life is for those that feel this way, to come out, and know that they are being heard. Speak up, and you will always be heard.


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