Dreams coming true.

I haven’t posted in awhile. This won’t even be that long of a post. But I’m sitting by my pool in my apartment, and I’m reflecting. Realizing that everything I’ve ever wanted in life has or is coming. My dreams are coming true.

I used to be depressed, I was teased, and didn’t feel good enough. But, after self reflection and repairing I finally have made peace with myself and I’m happy. I was one breath away from death and now, I never take life for granted and to those that don’t appreciate me for me, my tears don’t fall for anyone. I am the happiest girl around. I am so happy that I had friends and family that cared enough to make sure I was getting better. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today. It is remarkable how happy I am to be alive and live my dreams.



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