Pure Happiness.

Earlier today I wrote a post; strictly due to anger, hurt, and some of the worst pain I’ve encountered with a friend.

The most I can say is that things happen. However, no matter how much I sat around mopping today for hours I realized something. I’m nothing but a ball of happiness. Really, like shit will happen, your friends will hurt you, and things will go all wrong. But in the end of it all, happiness is key.

My parents helped me move today, and I’ve spent the day with family remembering that my life has its struggles like everyone else, but I’ve never been happier. It’s better to find things out like I did today sooner than later. It’s better to find those people that really matter sooner than later…it’s important to remain happy all the time no matter how painful something may be.

So today. A lesson learned, is that my life is pure happiness. Though there are mountains to climb, I look around and there is more people that love than I’ve lost today. In the end that’s all that matters.

Happiness surrounds my heart, my life, and I love my friends and family that have allowed me to see that today ❤


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