First of all, I don’t know if de-masked is a word.

But it doesn’t matter at this moment. Because I’m questioning if the masks that people wear make them a prettier person on the inside than the person they truly are.

Why do we become friends with the masked or the unmasked? Or do people really change drastically over the course of 6 or so months? I know that people change, I am one of them. But I’m speaking, fake. Those that change from the real person they were to a fake individual that plays you as a fool?

Just a question really. I think it’s safe to say that I wore a mask, for years. I learned that wearing a mask gets you no where in life but a few steps back or a leap in the end. Truly, those we expect to be our friends forever are there for the short periods when we need them. While its also safe to say, sometimes we need to eliminate the masked so they can “de-mask” themselves for their future.

I guess, what I’m constantly replaying through my head is the fake. That one person in our life that we trusted with more than we trust our families with; turns against you, and who you believed you were close with. That person is now a memory, and trust isn’t in the vocabulary.

Moments like this in my life are why I am who I am. I build relationships off of love, trust, and all things good. Once those lines are crossed into a territory of a “darkness” per say is when that relationship is put on the shelf, not for a rainy day, but a moment in time to remember.


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