Font of Creativity.

It’s been almost a week since I’ve made my decision about leaving school, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I would have moments of the day where it would cross by my mind that I was making the wrong decision, but then instantly I remembered, that I am making the RIGHT decision, and that feeling goes away immediately.

It’s nice to be at ease, to know that I have finally made a decision 100% for me, and not for anyone else in the world. I see things as they should be and could be. I believe that proceeding as we can is the best, and to constantly pursue our creative energy. I don’t think that we should allow some “realist” to dampen on our enthusiasm for a new idea or project. So, even though I have received some negative news or reactions towards my decision, I brush them off, and I am living for me. The more support I receive, the more I know how many people out there actually care for one another, and believe in me. But I’m not looking for acceptance, I am not looking to please the person next to me, unless they are a client. But still, I mean why do some of us live to please? When your own happiness is at risk… Be happy, live for you, and do what YOU want. Sometimes, you need to be selfish, not rude, but selfish in your own ways so you can be happy, and than one day make others happy by just being you. The “realists” of the world as far as I am concerned are nowhere near a dead-end, but more of a motivator.

So this is me, accepting that I am living for myself right now, and living to make my love of photography a success. I look at my work and love it some days, hating it others. I never understand how I can love a piece of work that I’ve created so much, and with viewers, not so much. Maybe it is a lack of feedback, but I remember telling myself that the amount of likes is irrelevant. I don’t know where I stand with that right now, but I know that I am going to continue doing what I love, and make it where I want to in life. I will fight, fight the hardest I have ever fought to be in the pages of Vogue, to have my work world-wide, and to feel that I am inspiring someone in my life, like others have for me..

I am so excited to start this new chapter in my life, and to become something greater, and finally be happier than ever before..


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