moment of lovephoto by: ali kvidt

moment of love
photo by: ali kvidt


Love brings everyone together. No matter on the separation of age, locations, or really anything. Love; brings us together. No matter how far apart in age, family is all about love. They are all about sharing kisses, hugs, laughs, tears, and smiles.

As my grandpa, blind, hugs his great-granddaughter he hugs her with all the love, joyed to just hold her. He can’t see her, but he imagines her beauty, he hugs her and feels her laugh and feels her love. As a great-granddaughter looks at him not knowing he can’t see shares the hugs, and smiles. This moment there is no judging, there is no separation, only love. Shared by a single smile, that one can, and one can’t see. Captured in time for all to keep such a precious moment in time close at heart. I can’t speak for those two in the photo, and so the photo speaks for them, showing how much love is around the two. Not wanting to let go of that moment in time.

These moments we share with smiles, and capture through the lens are irreplaceable to anything material.

Even though my grandfather can’t see his great-granddaughter he knows she is truly beautiful, and though she doesn’t understand that he can’t see she can feel his love. It is seen in this photograph, and it will be kept for forever. To pass down, and to remember the smiles and laughs the two shared together.



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