Continuous Functions

The new era is approaching, it is reaching right over the hills, and I spot the light. It is the light at the end of the tunnel. The warmness of the sun beating down on your skin after a cold night. The life of the world is about to start fresh, in my life at least. As I look around people are moving, some slow and some fast. Being rushed to finish the “to-do list” of the day, or taking time to remember the “life’s memories” I don’t know where I am in this crowd of people. I’m racing, but wishing there was more time to race. Is that possible? Probably not. There is so much that is about to happen in my life that I can feel it in my bones, I can smell it in the air, and I can almost touch it with my hands.


A new era is shedding it’s coverings and teasing me slightly with peeks here and there. It is so tempting, to rush, and wish away time. I can’t though, there is so much to do, and I’m terrified to forget this in-between time.


Just wanted to post my next month because I am so excited 🙂

March 4th-7th : Preparing to move, packing.

March 8th-9th : Photography meet-up with some inspirational artists

March 10th : Photo shoot with an amazing model for editorial work

March 11th-14th : Finish packing, say my goodbyes to those at Ai/work

March 15th-17th : MOVING into my new apartment!!

March 18th-22nd : Traveling to Bismarck/Mandan to have photo shoots everyday of the week with some awesome clients!

Location scouting with wedding clients

March 22nd-23rd : Shooting a wedding!

March 24th: Photo meet up of my own!

March 25th and forward : My new life begins! My new car!


Life is taking twists and turns, and I am so excited for new opportunities, new faces, and a change of life..



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