Early, but not so bright.

It’s 4am here, and it’s most certainly not bright yet, but it is sure early, and fresh thoughts are running through my mind.  Today is a new day to; live, laugh, and love. Yes that typical phrase.. Live, laugh, love; that one phrase I’ve always tried to live by…

Yesterday, Saturday, was such a weird day for me. I went from three different situations, locations, and people throughout the entire day, and as much as I enjoyed it my mind couldn’t stop thinking. Every second my mind ran through the possibilities of my future, and the changes my life was about to take.. As one of my friends puts it; a new era is on its way, and the curtain is slowly being shut as a new one opens. We all love new opportunities, but I know that I hate closing curtains, even if the next one opening is better. It’s still an ending; to something terrible or something great, but it means that memories end, and it’s time to begin new ones. I understand completely that it is how life works, and there is no way going around that and I understand I’m being selfish by saying that I wish I could freeze time, even though whats ahead is so much greater. Is it crazy that I have no idea what these next few weeks hold? I have what is supposed to happen written down, but again if there is anything I have learned in my 19 years it is that plans change and the ones written down on ten different calendars will never stay the same.  Unpredictable.

Anyways, I just got back from a friends; we watched movies, and hung out… I ended up passing out during the last movie, and woke up, came home, and here I am. Sitting at my computer, needing to write, eating some breakfast, and remembering home. That is what is on my mind right now.. Home. Not the home I’m sitting in now, but the home where I woke up to my parents, and breakfast on Sunday mornings before church. That home, the home that for some reason when you turn 18, and graduate leave.. Why didn’t someone make it like 32? Lets be honest, I wouldn’t want to live at home until I’m 32, but hey someday I’d like to think I would. There is something about being alone in an apartment that makes you miss the little things you took for granted while living with your parents. So I came home to my apartment missing my home. I  decided to make myself some eggs on toast, and raisins with a glass of milk. In a couple of hours I will be going to church. Where only a year ago I was doing the same thing, but with my parents. Gosh I can’t say how much I miss them over a blog post, because it won’t even express how much I do.

I don’t know where this post was going, but good morning to everyone who is up, who will be waking up, and enjoy your Sunday. If you go to church, if you don’t enjoy your day. Look outside, be outside, live a little. Meet a new friend, laugh a little. Oh and yes, love those around you, love those that love you, and love yourself.

Be happy,



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