Generation.. Of what?

The above article on CNN today made me realize, or ask myself, what is our generation? What are we doing, why are we all sitting on our phones, ipads, video games, and etc. I’ll admit, my phone, my computer, it’s all my life, I use my phone for everything mostly. I also know that i’m not the first to post about a generation at loss. We are all so caught up in our technology, and trying to impress those around us with the things we have, than actually realizing that there is a generation that will be gone, and most of us, are just living life for us, and not for them, or not willing to share their stories. Notice I’m saying most of us, there are several of us willing to continue their generation, and alot of us willing to set down the phones just for a moment. I know that, i’m one of them, I also have many friends that are just the same. I am sure there are several souls out there wanting to do the same thing


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