Weekly Writing Challenge 1,000 Words;

My photographer’s eye wants to take this photo apart piece by piece, and analyze each part about it, but setting aside that part of me, I want to be in the photo, I want to be apart of that world I’m looking at. I want to reach inside that world and become apart of it. It is such a simple photo that is speaking more than 1,000 words to me. It’s speaking a moment in time, love, which is all I’m hoping for. I want to hug my lover on the side of street in a beautiful alley with life, busy life all around me. I am aching for that. I’m wondering what is wrong with me to not having something like it. I’m sitting in Minnesota weather, with snow falling down, wishing that my dress could be flowing in the air with my my lover wrapped around my arms. Experiencing new things in a beautiful city, and learning about a new culture, seeing new faces, spreading love.  How can such a simple photo put so much in a person’s mind?


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