Photo Gathering in Mandan/Bismarck area!

Hey there guys!

I wrote a status on Facebook about a photo meet up in the Mandan/Bismarck area in March!

I will be in town March 22nd-25th for a wedding on Saturday. To give back, I thought it would be fun to do this photo meet up on Sunday the 24th 7am-whenever we get done!

This day would include the following:

-Planning a shoot from points A to Z

-Scouting out locations (I will choose 2 locations, and we will scout out areas to shoot within those areas)

-Thrifting for outfits/props (I will be purchasing the things for my concepts, and if you have a concept of you own you will need to purchase those things)

-Lunch; I’m hoping to have a picnic, but depending on the weather, that probably won’t happen (you will need to provide money for your own lunch)

-Shoot, shoot, shoot! I will be there to assist you with your concepts, and I will have one or two concepts that I will shoot at which you can also shoot to take home and edit)

-The next part would be editing, I am not sure if this will happen or not at this point, and I won’t know until the time comes closer, it all depends on how many people would want to do this, and you would need your own computer with Adobe Photoshop, I am not sure how to use any other products, so if you needed help with it and it isn’t Adobe Photoshop I couldn’t help you. For those of you who don’t have a portable computer, I would be doing demonstrations on mine, and then you could go home with the files to play around with on your own time, and post if you wanted.

This is something really for anyone who loves photography/fashion, it is pretty much a workshop, but I won’t be doing a lot of teaching, instead we will all enjoy our presence, and hang out while being artists and doing what we love! I hope to get a big group together to make this happen!

If you have any questions at all PLEASE ASK don’t hesitate, there are some things I can think of that people wouldn’t want to do this, and I’m hoping that I can make it so EVERYONE can do it, no problems!

I’m also looking for some models for this, and I’m contacting them, they will be modeling for all of us, and if you have in mind someone you want to model for you, than we can certainly discuss it so I can send them all the info they will need to know!

This doesn’t cost ANYTHING, other than money for thrifting, and for lunch. I will take a few people in my car, but I won’t be able to take everyone, so also that will be something we will need to talk about, and you will need to provide your own gas and etc.

This is me giving back to the people who have helped create who I am, and what I’m doing, it is for those who are dream chasers, and who want to achieve what they want in live, even if photography is just a hobby for you, it is perfect time to get together with artists and enjoy the day!

Anyways! I am SO excited for this, and I hope that this little blog gets others excited also! I will send emails out to those that are interested, so please leave a comment on this blog if your interested with your email!

Thank you guys SO MUCH!


Ali Kvidt

This is my life


4 thoughts on “Photo Gathering in Mandan/Bismarck area!

  1. ALI! This sounds awesome! Although I have no idea about anything with photography. I’d be more then willing to model for anyone that needs a model.. Just let me know.. Call or Text– Number is on facebook.. Or EMAIL me-

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