Welcoming Seasons.

    Hi there! Well, here is to a new season, a new beginning, and most importantly the reason you are reading this my NEW WEBSITE! http://www.alikvidt.com/ As the season here in Minnesota is slowly changing, lets keep our fingers crossed, I figured it was the perfect time to launch my new (first) website that really

Flashback of 20.

I’m 21… Though being legal for everything is going to be rad, I’m actually being really nostalgic about this, and I didn’t think I ever would be. I think it’s because this past year has been the craziest, and coolest year of my life. This is the year I found myself, I will continue to find

In the middle.

I am not complaining, but stating the fact that being in the middle just sucks. Being in the middle is not fun, and it’s the slowest process. You know when you’re in it too. There’s no questioning if you’ve reached a moment in your life when you’re bored, tired, and ready for change. I’m sitting

How I responded when I got my heart broken

I don’t share much detail about my personal life on the web, but lately I’ve been feeling so inspired, and I can’t help but share how I became so inspired.   We’ve all been there, or we will be there, heartbreak. A few months ago, I came to the conclusion I was forever alone, and

You can, you will, and you should reach for the stars.

Hi friends! Well, day 2 of my blog back up and running. Here’s to hoping it actually stays up and running as this year I have a ton of projects in the works! Earlier today I decided I wasn’t going to try to keep this thing going, then, just like that a spur of inspiration